• Capacare

The launch of the capacare range alleviates the concerns associated with the heath effect of the paint, ensuring you to achieve the finish you desire without any potential risks to the building occupants or applicators during and after the completion of the application. There is no other safer paint for your health, your family’s health or the environment.

  • Interior

Our products offer stunning interiors, high performance, durability, and substrate protection. Our range consists of superior paints with good opacity and excellent wash ability. It is practically odorless and environmentally friendly.

  • Decorative

Décor range has a wide selection of color and textural finishes designed to create an impact or to add dimension for an enduring, high-quality finish. It allows you to enjoy limitless design possibilities to express your individuality.

  • Exterior

Our products have unparalleled exterior durability suitable for the Middle East climate with superior adhesion for an enduring finish. This outstanding, flexible and crack-bridging formulation hide hairline cracks. We offer cutting-edge anti-carbonation technology, excellent UV protection, and environmentally friendly products for the exterior.

  • Disbon

This is the brand for professional building protection solution. Hard-wearing and function coatings are designed to protect the concrete from chemicals, moisture, oils, grease and wear. The range includes solvent based and solvent free polyurethane, epoxy primers, sealers and topcoats. These products are used in floor coatings, car-park buildings, engineering structures and sealing.

  • Stone

It is a rich, natural stone like finish for decorative facades, lobbies, corridors, and architectural features. This is truly an inspirational all-around solution with excellent color and remarkable consistency. Our stone products are of premium quality, weatherproof and water-based coatings with crushed inorganic colored aggregates. These products are bound with a 100% pure acrylic resin binder to give an attractive natural stone like finish for the building exterior and interior.

  • High-performance coating

Long-term protection, high-quality solvent-based coatings, polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic and alkyd systems in both textured and smooth finishes.

  • General

Products consist of high-quality acrylic primers, stuccos, smooth coatings and textures for the substrates.

  • Capatect

External thermal insulation composite systems / external insulation finishing systems (ETICS/EIFS) based on polystyrene foam to create energy efficient and sustainable homes without design limitations. Keep your home cool without using air condition. It not only reducing your energy consumption and overall spend, but most importantly benefits your health,